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YSTOOL Brake and Clutch Fluid Pneumatic Vacuum Bleeder Bleeding Tool Kit to Change Brake Clutch Oil Power Steering Oil Engine Oil for Auto Car Truck Motorcycle Use


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  • This brake clutch oil change tool is good at exchanging brake clutch fluid, power steering oil, engine oil and any other fluid. Use 90-100PSI shop air to form negative pressure in the brake system, sucks out waste oil and air, and guide the new oil to fill all the system.
  • Pour the new brake oil into the master cylinder, connect the black cone nipple to the brake bleeder valve, connect the compressor to the 1/4″ air quick plug. Open the air compressor, wait a few mins until clean fluid comes out without bubbles, close the air compressor and turn to the next brake, until changing the brake oil for all the wheels, check the pressure of the pedal.
  • One man operated brake fluid replacement tool, easy and simple. You do not need to press the pedal back and forth, or need other’s help, and you will not stain the floor too. Please note, you need to seal the drain screw on the bottom of the collection bottle by Teflon tape, and during the bleeding one by one, you need keep filling new fluid into reservoir to avoid it from empty and air leaks in.
  • YSTOOL brake oil extractor kit has a 340ml waste oil collection bottle, a lid assembly with ball valve, 1/4″ NPT European style air quick plug and a 80″ long hose. There are a elbow black rubber cone suction nipple and a dark green plastic cone nipple for you to choose. This pneumatic bleeder tool is widely suitable for most vehicles, such as sedan, motorcycle, truck, SUV, etc.
  • Convenient pneumatic brake bleeding tool, save you from sitting there to manually pump by hand pump or press the pedal back and forth by traditional bleeding method. Also we supply 1 year warranty, please feel free to purchase. Please contact us by Amazon message system if there is any question, we will reply in 24 hours


1. Material: PE, silicone and metal

2. Bottle capacity: 340ml

3. The length of hose: 80″ long

4. Air inlet: 1/4″ NPT European air quick plug

5. 2 suction nipples: a elbow black rubber cone nipple and a dark green plastic cone nipple

6. Max. pressure: 100psi shop air

Easy to Bleed the Brake Fluid

1. Make sure vehicles master cylinder reservoir is full

2. Bleed the system in the following order:

a. Master cylinder (If bleeder equipped)

b. Wheel cylinders and calipers in succession, beginning with the wheel closest to the master cylinder and progressing to the one farthest from it

3. Assemble the brake clutch fluid bleeder tool and seal the drain screw on the bottom of the collection bottle by Teflon tape.

4. Connect the shop air to the waste oil collection bottle, and connect the black cone nipple to the brake bleed valve. Open the ball valve.

5. Open the vehicle’s brake bleeding fitting 1/4-1/2 turn and allow the fluid to flow into the storage jar

6. Fill the master cylinder reservoir back to normal with fresh fluid and proceed to the vehicle’s next brake and perform the same steps as above, until changing the brake oil for all the wheels

7. Check the pressure of the pedal

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